Start small. Be persistent. Don’t be afraid to fail. Enjoy the process.

Thompson C., MA. MEd.

I have supported children and family agencies for over a decade. I work every day to add value to people. 

If you want to change the world, you have to first change yourself. As a professional, I’ll offer my knowledge and expertise to support organization-wide strategic planning, development of a competent workforce, and strategic risk management. I believe developing and maintaining the highest standard of excellence is an essential characteristic for any productive organization.

On a personal note, I love to laugh, have fun, and do something every day that adds value to the lives of others. I have two Master’s degrees, one in Human Services, the other in Educational Leadership. Currently, I am working on my Doctorate. I’m really interested in research related to effective leadership practices  that motivate workers to become self-guided learners. 

What about you? Tell me about yourself!

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