Customized Learning Solutions

There is never one single right answer to any problem. Therefore, we work with you to explore a variety of potential actions you can take. At each step we recognize there can be unintended consequences that will result somewhere else in the process. That’s why we help you learn to recognize the ramifications and trade-offs of every solution you implement. 


Concrete Experience

Doing something - having the experience

Reflective Observation

Reviewing what happened - thinking or talking about the experience

Abstract Conceptualization

Coming to conclusions - learning from the experience

Active Experimentation

Planning next steps - trying out what was learned from the experience

Effective learning occurs when your learner progresses through Kolb’s four stages. The diagram above summarizes the stages. Let’s walk through the stages together, to maximize your learning, and those of your employees.

Ready to get started? Here's Phase 1

Congratulations on taking this important step to ensure your business can deliver the best quality to your clients! Together we will help your organization reach its full potential. The first 6 steps in the process are labelled below.

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