The Helping Professional Podcast

Working with children is hard. It becomes even more difficult when you don’t have the tools to succeed with your child. Listen as educators, mental health professionals, child care workers, and many more industry leaders share thoughts and strategies to help us improve the quality of the services we provide to the children and families in our care. 

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Listen to the podcast on your terms. Many of the episodes are broken up into two parts, which gives you an opportunity to reflect on Part 1 before listening to Part 2. 

Are you taking notes? Each episode is created with you in mind. If you’re a parent, child care worker, or leader, let’s learn together to improve practice within our settings. 


It’s completely free to subscribe using the application of your choice, either on your phone or desktop – Android or iPhone device. 

Would you like
to be a guest?

We love having guests on the show!! Are you a parent? Mental health professional? Direct service provider? Do you create regulations that govern schools and other child-family agencies? Do you provide coaching services to individuals? Let’s connect and discuss practical tips that can elevate the experience for all of us.  

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