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Elevate Onboarding & Professional Development

Traditional onboarding involves long hours of reading policies and manuals. Often, there is a disconnect between what employees are trained in, and what they do on the job. Envesti Solutions helps you bridge that gap; helping you leverage social learning theories, build competence, and develop decision-making skills. 

Topics include:

  1. Youth Care Worker Training
  2. Fundamental Supervisory Training
  3. Suicide Prevention
  4. Pool and Water Safety
  5. HIV/AIDS for Caregivers
  6. Preventing Marijuana Use in Youth
  7. Overcome Bedtime Procrastination
  8. Psychotropic Medication Management
  9. Supporting Positive Behavior in Youth
  10. Child Abuse Prevention & Reporting
  11. And so much more! 

In Partnership with:

competency based education

Individual and Corporate Training

Personal & Professional Development

Improve Job Satisfaction

Envesti Solutions puts training at your fingertips. We don’t just give you information, we teach you how to implement what you are learning. When you train with us, you’re going to be challenged to stop, think, then execute.

Benefits Include

  • State and Federal Compliance Trainings for Residential and Community-based Mental Health providers and Child Welfare Agencies.
  • Unlimited access to eLearning videos, webcasts, and unique adolescent mental health content.
  • Certificate of completion for all completed instructional hours and continuing education.
  • Access to hours of engaging, relevant child welfare and mental health resources.

What You'll Learn

  • Practical, down-to-earth strategies in creating a therapeutic environment
  • How to promote safety and the prevent abuse
  • Identify barriers and risk factors and how to advocate to strengthen the role of parents, families, and communities
  • Positive reinforcement techniques
  • Common mental health diagnosis and disorders, as well as treatment options

Why People Love Envesti Solutions

Everything You Need

The best way to support you is from beginning to end. We’ll create the tools and generate the solutions – everything you’ll need to put legs to your vision.

Flexible Pricing

With this economy, you’re on a tight budget. We will work with you every step of the way to prevent the misallocation of resources that may have little or no impact towards the success of your company.

Aligned To Your Success

We are more than a consulting company. We walk side by side with you, to give you the support you need to ensure your success.

Content Authoring

Custom eLearning

Why spend thousands of dollars on ‘off the shelf’ training that your employees never use? Envesti Solutions will design and develop customized agency-specific eLearning so you can onboard and develop employees into your agencies philosophy and culture. 


Taking The Guesswork Out of Training

Training outsourcing is a great strategy to save time and money without sacrificing quality. Think about the time and energy it takes to develop, manage, and deliver training. How much of that time is distracting you from core business activities that can ensure your company’s future? We will help you establish an excellent training program at your company.

Perfect for agencies looking to properly train their employees with relevant, position-specific content.

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